About Patient 11

A deadly virus outbreak has set the grounds to a cruel medical experiment of which you are about to become its next victim. Either accept this as your new reality or ESCAPE while you still can!

Put your VR goggles on and dive into this fascinating thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. As you jump in, you will immediately find yourself racing against time to escape the cold basement that has become your prison before you are forced to participate in a lethal medical experiment for the purpose of which you have been kidnapped.

Explore your chilly surroundings, discover the story behind the circumstances that have brought you to this horrible place, pick up and manipulate objects, solve creative, challenging puzzles and do whatever in your power to escape this horrible room before it's too late.

This game is an Escape Room kind of game in the sense that you start locked up in a room and that your main goal is finding your way out. That said, unlike many other games of that genre, this game has no countdown, meaning you can take whatever time you like solving the puzzles, uncovering the story and enjoying the VR experience in general.

Game Features

Completely immersive VR experience

Immerse yourself in this unique Virtual Reality experience that feels like you are almost physically standing there.

Story-driven game progress

Each and every possible action that needs to be taken in the game directly derives from and advances the story.

Beautiful realistic graphics

Experience the game's intricate, realistic graphics that makes it so tangible you may almost believe you could touch it.

Spine-chilling original soundtrack

Sink into the game's unforgettable musical score by Daniel Sadowski. The music will surely linger with you long after you put the game down.

Atmospheric sound design

Surround yourself in a rich array of carefully positioned and timed sound effects that deliver the game's very convincing feeling of unease.

Professional-level voice acting

Hear the game come to life with top-level voice acting and find yourself caring for your in-game character.

Very easy-to-use interaction system

Make use of the intuitive on-screen interaction system to communicate with the game in an easy-to-understand, user-friendly way.

Diverse gameplay

Pick up objects, uncover hidden secrets, combine items, solve challenging puzzles, read and learn new skills.

Fully-integrated hints system

Don't get frustrated! Use the integrated hints system as much or as little you like at no extra cost to discover your next steps.

Automatic game progress saving

Run the game whenever you like and trust it to keep track of your progress. Always play the game exactly from the point you left it.

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